Low priced water sports glasses in the face of Neptune's trident.

Who hasn’t done this: It’s an awesome windy, sunny day and you look directly up at your kite at noon or you have an awesome day with windsurfing or sailing and realize that, although lovely, the sun is burning down and hitting hard. The suns rays bounce off the water surface , blinding and disorientating you. You can’t see anything due to the continuous spray and by the end of the session your eyes look like those of a myxomatosised rabbit. Eye irritation is not only due the salt water but also because of the abundant solar rays and their reflection of the water. A phenomenon which all seasoned watermen or winter sports enthusiasts know all to well. If after such a day on the water, you feel your eyes are contracted, tired or even teary then these are warning signs that must not be ignored. UV protection for your eyes is not only recommended but also absolutely crucial in order to protect one of our most vital senses. Snook water sports sunglasses provide always a perfect view and protection on water and snow surfaces.

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